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sonic ds 3ds emulatorSonic the Hedgehog 2 Emulator

The second release from the makers of the original Sonic the Hedgehog has the same plot as the initial one. Just like the earlier version, the main character is Sonic and the antagonist is Dr. Eggman Robotnik. This time, another character emerges named Tail. The main character still needs to defeat Dr. Robotnik in his quest to collect the complete set of the chaos emeralds and to eventually rule the world.
Though the story does not change, there are drastic changes in its set-up. With this version, there are already a total of 11 zones that the player needs to go through. There are more zones this time compared with just six from the previous installment. The eleven zones that compose this new game are Emerald Hill, Aquatic Ruin, Casino Night, Hilltop, Mystic Cave, Chemical Plant, Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, Metropolis, Oil Ocean, and Death Egg Zone (stated here in no particular order).

Like the earlier version, the character still needs to finish the round in 10 minutes. Also, he needs to collect power rings and defeat the badniks along his way. The items that serve as checkpoints this time are star posts. These star points can be passed through to proceed to a Special Stage when the player collected a total of 50 power rings.

sonic gamesThis time, instead of three acts, each zone is made up of only two acts with the exception of the Metropolis Zone with three acts and the final three episodes (Sky Chase, Wing Fortress, and Death Egg zones) with only one act. During the latter part of every second act (except for the zones which do not have two acts), Sonic needs to face Dr. Eggman in a battle.

Another added feature to this version is Tail. At the start of the game, the player can choose whether to use Sonic as the player or Tail. One can also decide on using the two characters. If here are two players, the second player can control Tail. But if there is only one character, Tail can just follow Sonic without any control.

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