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sonic ds 3ds emulatorMario and Sonic at the Olympic Games DS Emulator

This version is a collection of events based on the 24 events of the Olympic Games in Beijing. There are two versions for this game: Wii remote with Nunchuck system and the Nintendo DS device.

The characters of the Sonic and Mario, together with the other 14 characters that are their comrades in their respective stories, gather in this game version to show the environment that are seen from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Both characters are seen on different versions of the game. The setting of the game is developed to conform to the cartoonish and future-like design of both franchises. Each character has its own abilities that can either be advantageous or disadvantageous for a specific Olympic event. Generally, the player has four skills to choose from: all-around, skill, speed, and power.

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For the Wii version, the character can be controlled through sensor motions. It can be further supported through the help of a Nunchuk attachment. To perform a certain movement, the player moves the remote of Wii in a similar way that it would be performed in the real game. For example, if the player needs to throw a hammer, swinging the Wii remote is the appropriate action to do. On the other hand, if the player is in an archery competition, he can pull back the remote and tilt the Nunchuck to perform the needed action.  There are also some games that are quite demanding in movements. For example, in the track and field competition, the player has to hit the controller more rapidly and faster to increase the speed of the on-screen character. At the same time, there are also some events that are partially controlled by the computer such as table tennis. In this case, the movement of the player is controlled by the device. However, the swinging of the racket will be under the player’s control. Also, the player can create a customized character that can be included in the game through platforms that offer such kind of features through this version. This customized avatar can be taken from the Wii channel of the device.

As for the Nintendo DS version, there are no quite differences in the manner of how the events can be played. However, instead of drumming the control, the player just needs to control the screen of the device quickly. Because of the DS version is less demanding when it comes to its physical aspect.

For both versions, there are three kinds of gameplay modes that are available: Single, Circuit, and Mission modes. In the Single mode, the player can decide to play alone on any event that he wants to. With the Circuit mode, the player has to gain the highest score from all the events that fall under the circuit. The player can also choose which sports will fall under his circuit before he starts playing the mode. Lastly, the Mission mode is played only by one player. He needs to complete a set of six character-specific quests.

The Wii version of this collection allows two to three players to compete with one another in the Single and Circuit Match. On the other hand, the Nintendo DS version allows more players to play together through the Versus Play option of the device. The DS has a wireless feature that allows up to 4 players competing with a single event in the Single and Circuit Match. For those DS owners who do not have the full Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games version, they can download one through a certain DS feature. However, there are only six events that are available from this downloaded version and Circuit Match is not available.
Both the versions for Sonic and Mario have an open gallery. Here, the player can find brief facts and information regarding Olympics. These facts and information are arranged according to five categories which are based on the history and the athletes of Olympics. These trivia details come with a mini-game. Once the player overcomes the mini-game, the trivia is unlocked.
Additionally, there are also classic music and sounds that are available from this gallery. They can be available once a certain category is unlocked. Also available from this gallery is a leaderboard. Here, the player gets to see the leading scores and best times of the game through the wireless connection of Nintendo DS.

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